Open Now and Through The Summer

Our facility is a HANDS-ON, INTERACTIVE, LEARNING ENVIRONMENT based on the approaches of children’s discovery centers across America. Our goal is to provide children of all ages the opportunity to - IMAGINE - CREATE - EXPERIMENT - and enjoy learning through activities that DEVELOP and STRENGTHEN gross motor skills, logical reasoning, and creative expression.

Additional Offers

In addition to a unique preschool program, we are adding the following for your benefit:

  • Take Home Tools- Weekly sheet includes songs, games, concepts, stories, links, resources, etc. for parents to use to help reinforce what was taught that week.
  • Free Play Friday- Once monthly date for students to bring their entire families to play, visit with teachers and see displayed work.
  • Uniforms- Polo style shirts for students to be worn during class or on field trips.
  • Photos- Individual and class picture packages courtesy of 98 East Photography
  • Spring Program- Show and display performed by students to show accomplishments; Graduation ceremony for those entering Kindergarten.
  • Parent Blog- Interact with like-minded parents of children who attend our school.
  • Toy Rentals and Exchange- COMING SOON!
More to come!!