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Our facility is a HANDS-ON, INTERACTIVE, LEARNING ENVIRONMENT based on the approaches of children’s discovery centers across America. Our goal is to provide children of all ages the opportunity to - IMAGINE - CREATE - EXPERIMENT - and enjoy learning through activities that DEVELOP and STRENGTHEN gross motor skills, logical reasoning, and creative expression.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Our family has resided in St. George, Utah since the first covered wagon entered this region. We wish to express our love and loyalty to this community in our learning center. It will be dedicated to the theme, “Are You From Dixie?” Children will play and create while assuming the roles of community helpers and employees of local businesses. Our aim is to provide an opportunity for children to develop an awareness of the trade and industry of our St. George area, to instill in them a sense of belonging through citizenship, and to inspire an appreciation for the contributions made everyday by the workforce in our community.

We have chosen to replicate the following businesses in our learning center:
Grocery Store– children will shop for foods and operate a cash register
Performing Venue- children will express creativity through song, dance and theater arts
Restaurant– children will pretend to cook, serve and eat food
Craft Corner- children will express creativity through use of various materials for projects
Surgical Center- children will examine x-rays, imitate surgical procedures, use microscopes
Farm– children will imitate caring for livestock, planting and harvesting crops
Mechanic Shop- children will experiment with tools for repairing and servicing a vehicle
Construction Zone- children will assemble and manipulate objects with tools with creative design
House- children will practice everyday living habits demonstrated in home

Specific businesses will be named at a later date, so stay tuned...

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